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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the difference between bioenergy healing and Reiki healing?

There are several different methods of bioenergy treatment. Common to all methods is that the therapist, through his bioenergy field, influences the client's biofield or conducts energy into it (healing, life, universal, cosmic, whatever you call it). Some of the most famous methods are Reiki, Qigong, Therapeutic Touch, Domancic method and others. All of them differ in the approach, manner, position of the hands and the types of techniques they apply, all with the aim of energizing and stimulating the biofield of the person, which leads to an improvement in overall health. Due to the procedure itself, the Reiki treatment takes slightly longer (30 to 45 minutes) than "classic" biotherapy.

How does a distance healing session look like? 

When a person in need of assistance is not physically present or for any reason cannot attend the treatment in person, therapy can be performed remotely (distance healing). If the therapist does not know the client in person and is working with him for the first time, he will need a photography of the client. At the agreed time, the therapist will call the client and explain to him what to do. During the treatment, the client may feel tingling in the fingers, heat or cold in certain parts of the body, etc. Distance healing procedure is the same as with "personal" contact. At the end of the treatment, the therapist will call the client again, ask how he or she feels and make further recommendations.

Can bioenergy treatment be used as a preventive measure?

Of course. Preventive treatments are recommended to improve the body's overall condition, for relaxation, and to boost immune system. Preventive treatments are especially recommended for people with weakened immune system, in the periods before the flu season and colds, as well as before the allergy seasons.

Can bioenergy help with sport injuries?

Bioenergy can help athletes in many ways: accelerating the recovery of soft tissue (muscle, ligaments), significantly reducing muscle pain after training, shortening the recovery period after injury, reducing tension and stress, improving mental focus, etc.

Are bioenergy and Reiki treatments safe for children?

Bioenergy and Reiki treatments are safe and very beneficial for children, even for babies. It is very easy for the child's mind and body to recognize and accept bioenergy and use it in the best way. With children, and especially with babies, treatments are usually performed at a distance, usually during the period when the child is sleeping. Individual bioenergy work with an underage persons (less than 18 years old) persons requires the consent and accompaniment of a parent or tutor.

What's the difference between hands-on and hands-off methods? Is one method better than the other?

Hands-on is a method of bio-energy treatment in which the therapist gently places his hands, palms, on specific areas of the client's body. However, some clients either do not want to, do not feel comfortable, or are just more sensitive to touch. Also, it is not appropriate to touch some areas of the body for ethical reasons. With the hands-off method, the therapist's hands are all the time approximately 10 cm away from the client's body, not touching it at all. The effectiveness of both methods is the same. We apply a method where hands are not laid directly on the client's body, unless it is necessary for some reason and with the client's strict consent.

Can Reiki or bioenergy treatment help with stress and anxiety?

Both methods are especially effective in reducing the effects of stress, calming the mind and relaxing the entire body.
Are sessions performed one-on-one or in a group?
Therapies are performed individually. They can also be performed with a group of people, but even then, a special attention given to each client separately, having in mind the medical conditions.


Is giving a diagnosis an integral part of therapy?

No, the client performs all the necessary diagnostic procedures with the doctor.

When clients feel better, can they stop taking prescription drugs?

Biotherapy is a complementary method to all medical procedures. In any case, the use of biotherapy does not exclude the use of prescribed medications or application of other medical treatment recommended by the physician. On the contrary, it can help their better absorption and faster recovery.


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