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Relaxing Massage Therapy
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Bioenergy Healing

Bioenergy is what makes us alive - the life energy. Someone has it more, someone less. The same person sometimes, at different times of the day, a year, or a life, is full of energy. He/she can accomplish everything he/she wants. But, sometimes the same person feels tired and powerless. In the first case, we say that person is full of life or energy. The energy of that person flows normally, without blockages. In another case, energy flows slowly, with difficulties, and in some parts of the body, is partially or completely stopped - blocked. That is a case where problems and illnesses can develop. By applying Bioenergy Healing techniques, the blocked energy is being restored so it flows into those parts of the body where is needed. The biotherapy that we apply, is based on the integration of the practices and methods of worldy renowned Bioenergy, Reiki and Qigong masters.

Price: 10 EUR

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How long does a biotherapy session last?

Biotherapy usually consists of a series of 5 individual treatments, usually lasting about 30 minutes each. Individual treatments should be performed in 5 consecutive days. In some cases, therapy should be repeated. In those cases, it is recommended to make a two to three weeks pause between the two series of therapies. Some conditions (such as acute pain) may disappear or diminish significantly, after the first treatment, but for another it may take longer. When applied preventively, number of treatments could be agreed in advance.

What is bio energy healing?

Healing with bioenergy, healing touch, or laying on hands is probably the oldest known method of healing treatment. For thousands of years, healers from different cultures around the world have known and used the power of bioenergy to heal. So, bioenergy healing, or biotherapy, is the treatment of physical, emotional and mental blockages and energy imbalances in the human body. This is done by the therapist, placing his hands on or close to the recipient's body, transmitting universal energy to him, which activates the recipient's biofield and his body's natural self-healing ability.

How does bio energy healing work?

Biotherapy is a simple, non-invasive, and yet effective process. In performing bioenergy therapy, the therapist, in addition to placing his hands on or close to the client's body, performs certain movements with his hands, which additionally stimulate the flow of energy and direct it to those parts of the body where it is most needed. The client can be in a standing, sitting, or lying position, with clothes on. Depending on the problem, one therapy lasts about 30 minutes, but the whole treatment consists of 5 therapies, which are performed in 5 consecutive days. If it is a matter of chronic and long-term problems, it is possible that the entire treatment should be repeated once more after a break of 7 to 14 days.

Is bio energy healing real?

Let's put it this way: Are there things we don't see? Of course, there are, only we don't have enough sophisticated senses to register them. We cannot see bacteria, viruses, our own cells, atoms, etc. But we know that they exist because we have found them in some other way (we have amplified the sense of sight with a microscope). One of the explanations for the undoubted healing with the help of bioenergy, given by individuals who do not accept its existence, is the famous "placebo effect". It is a direct recognition of modern medicine that the mind can heal the physical body. Because, if the mind (stress, sadness, nervousness, etc.) can lead to illness (these are officially called "psychosomatic illnesses"), then why can't it help their healing.

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