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Energy Healing Techniques (Level 1)
(currently available in Serbian language only)

Duration: 2 days


What you will learn at the course:

1. What is bioenergy, how to discover and develop your natural healing abilities
2. Modern science and bioenergy
3. The position and function of major organs in the human body
4. Human energy body and the role of chakras
5. What causes blockages and energy imbalances and how to clear them
6. How to prepare the space, the therapist and the client for treatment
7. Presentation and practical work with 15 basic healing techniques
8. Presentation and application of therapies for 20 specific energy blockages




No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, to enter the first level of Biotherapy course. You need to be interested in this skill and to have a desire to help yourself and to others.




Printed  version of "Energy Healing Techniques" manual and a Certificate of completion included.

Price: 100 EUR

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